Characteristics to work:
The power roller bench Warm-Up can be a great test power, but  primarily it is a tool to work ,that you can use for different application to facilitate the work in your car shop or car-service.


Warm Up is a work and diagnostic system made to help the worker, engineers, preparer, test driver or in your car shop etc.
The use of Roller Bench doesn’t have to be only for power test, but you can use it also in this case:
  • Verify before and after the work.
  • Verify cooling system.
  • Verify with diagnostic tool connected and car ignited.
  • To heat and test the car without risk.
  • To issue certification of the obtained results.
  • Before to re-enter a used car, to check the good operation.
  • To increase the selling of used cars (certification of good operation)
  • To increase the selling of accessories with verify of obtained results.
  • Power test or checks for third worker.
  • Duration tests.
  • Test emission gas of drainage.


The balance of the roll has made over 5000 turns.
The diameter of shaft is 50 mm
The frame has depth 6 mm
The ball-bearings are specials for high speed
All the carpentry, after the first manufacture, go entire trough
phase of sand-blasting and cataphoresis painting, after that boring and grinding, in the ending paint to powders.


Maximal power         800 CV
Maximal speed          350 Km/h
High                       400 mm
Current supply          380 V
Standard colours       Yellow/ Black    - all  Black
Available colours       Red/Black- Orange/Black- Blue/Black


Warm up made with utmost standard of safety and toughness mechanics, the parts on movement are perfectly balance with CEMB industrial system.
The bearing are special for high speed SKF (technical form enclosed), and they are  perfectly adjust.
Every part is chromate or zinc chromate for a better preservation, double bellows to lift, steel shaft with minimum diameter 50 mm.
We made the joint over size for a torque over 12000 Nm.
All the carpentry parts , after the first step, go through process of sandblast and Cataphoresis, than adjustment and grind , in the end  varnished by dust.