banco ammortizzatoriDyno Shock Absorber



Bacartuning introduce the “Dyno Shock Absorber” , this dyno test is a tool necessary in every service for motorcycle or car that need TO CALIBRATE, TO ADJUSTABLE OR TO REMOLD every kind of Shock Absorber.

The Dyno Shock Absorber is a tool you can use to test the single Shock Absorber removed from the car or from the motorcycle with relation to own calibration or standard of motor builder.

So, you can compare the reference values making the tests with , “Dyno schock absorber”, or to change the adjustment knowing and measuring the value in kg of calibration made , with extreme precision and repeatability.

This “Dyno shock absorber” is the only tool able to establish the correct work and efficiency of Shock Absorber and also to do analysis in the case of malfunction , so, it permit a complete check of the element.

Dyno shock absorber sold enclose workbook , and available telephone assistance.

The Dyno Shock Absorber is an excellent tool to start new working experience or to create new opportunity on work.

Are a lot the applications on Dyno Shock Absorber: Cars, Motorcycle, Quad, and necessary not only for road vehicle but also for track, Raid, Rally, or cross.




Our Dyno schock absorber can be transportable and easy to use also on track area for example.


  • The Dyno shock absorber does test as on car as on motorcycle.
  • The Dyno shock absorber made with high level of quality, accuracy frame and finish, every detail processed with anozide or galvanize.
  • The Dyno shock absorber enclose acquisition electronic system of high quality. (Siemens , National Istrumens).
  • The Dyno shock absorber is consequence of years of experience, from engineers staff come from university of Salerno and university of Berkeley (California).
  • The Dyno shock absorber is consequence of Italian collaboration together, to make a technologic tool in the same time allowed to all.
  • The Dyno shock absorber fixed or transportable in the same time.

In our work philosophy we sure that all mechanics have the possibility to increase own technologic and scientific level.

Please, contact us, we will be happy show you demonstration in our side office also if you are not an expert technician, it could be an opportunity to analyze new work in your area.

BACARTUNING is one of few company in Italy , give on request , training to become an expert of shock absorber, and transform you in technician of calibration and adjustable. We can also give you on request, training to become expert in overhauling of shock absorber.